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Jeniffer Lima


Ginny Loon weaves life stories into her songs, using words and music to paint pictures in the souls of her audience, eliciting thoughts, laughter, or tears. Skillfully entwined lyrics with melodies evidently composed with a guitar in hand work their magic even without the aid of electricity or a stage. It is Ginny Loon's voice that captivates the audience. Sometimes soft, sometimes loud, always powerful and to the point, she adapts to the stage, the audience, the occasion, always remaining genuine and authentic.

These qualities led to her nomination as "SRF 3 Best Talent" in February 2023 and numerous engagements on festival stages in Switzerland. Her personal highlight in 2023 was performing with her band on the main stage of the "Winterthurer Musikfestwochen“, the biggest music event of her hometown.

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27.06.2024 Benefizspiel Stadion Schützenwiese Winterthur, Zürich (CH)
06.07.2024 Dialogplatz Winterthur, Zürich (CH)
12.07.2024 Fresh! Open Air Josefstrasse, Zürich (CH)
13.07.2024 Live am Turm Winterthur, Zürich (CH)
02.08.2024 Seefestival Wädenswil* Wädenswil, Zürich (CH)
03.08.2024 Stars in Town* Fronwagplatz, Schaffhausen (CH)
04.08.2024 tba tba
09.08.2024 tba tba
16.08.2024 H2U Openair Uster* Uster, Zürich (CH)
17.08.2024 tba tba
25.09.2024 ONO Bern, Bern (CH)
28.09.2024 Casino Theater* Winterthur, Zürich (CH)
29.09.2024 tba tba
30.09.2024 tba tba
18.03.2025 tba tba
* Full band
Past gigs


You can order one of my CDs or my handmade bracelets. After your order, you will receive an e-mail with the payment instructions.
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EP «I Think I Think Too Much»

My debut EP includes the tracks: Josephine, Confident Girl, Airport Bathroom, Easy, Lonely Ones and Dolly’s Favourite! It was released on 10. February 2023.

15 CHF

IMG 4173
EP "Getting There"

The second Ginny Loon EP, which was released on 10. May 2024, includes the tracks: Getting There, M23, Strawberry Week, Pretty Alright and Heavy

15 CHF

Handmade Bracelets EP1

I enjoy all things crafting, including making these yarn bracelets with the signature EP1 colours…

10 CHF

IMG 4229
Handmade Bracelets EP2

With the release of my second EP "Getting There" came a new beaded flower bracelet. The second collection if you will!

10 CHF


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