Ginny Loon

Ginny Loon is a singer-songwriter who draws her inspiration from pop and country music. She grew up in Winterthur, Switzerland, but now splits her time between Switzerland and England. Her debut single, which was released on April 22, 2022, received a lot of positive reviews and was broadcasted on Swiss radio stations such as SRF and many others.

Growing up, Ginny Loon spent most of her time making music, which allowed her to discover her artistic side and grow more and more as an artist. She learned to play the piano, taught herself to play the guitar and has been taking vocal lessons for many years. In 2014, she participated in the casting show “The Voice of Switzerland”, convinced the judges in the blind audition and chose to work with coach Stress. Her successful performances confirmed that she was on the right track.

In 2016 Ginny Loon moved to London for professional reasons. During her two-year stay she devoted her free time to songwriting, which had become increasingly important to her.  
Ginny Loon not only attended courses at the world-renowned City Academy, but also made her first stage appearance in the clubs of the music-loving and vibrant city and discovered her enthusiasm for busking in the streets of London. Ever since, Ginny has been devoted to street music and uses lively urban spaces worldwide as her stage to experiment with new songs, improve her stage presence and inspire and delight listeners around the world.

Today Ginny Loon is a full-time professional singer-songwriter and performs at a wide range of events in Switzerland and England: from small and private gigs up to bigger music festivals – everything can be found in her booking list. In addition to performing, Ginny Loon intensively works on new projects. She has released her first EP “I think I think too much” in February 2023, for which she was awarded “SRF 3 Best Talent” by Radio SRF.

Ginny Loon’s music is written and performed to take you on an epic journey so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.